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We specialise in paving work - no matter the stone, design or location we will help to maximise your garden space and create a stunning area you can relax in and entertain guests.
We will work with you to create a design that suits your current property using the materials of the local area.


Paving provides a durable, and functional space, but most importantly it is versatile and can withstand weather conditions and use and can be placed on any solid surface. This means we can create any shape and cover any solid area. To find out more about our paving techniques, call the office today.

paved area with mini gardens enclosed

Benefits Of Paving

  • Very low maintenance - Most flagging just needs the occasional clean to keep it looking at its best

  • Designs - There are so many design and installation options

  • Hard wearing - Our flagging will last a generation and more.

  • Bespoke - Each installation is different and we can tailor the installation and design to your exact preference


Flagging can be installed in many different ways, for example with a rounded patio, you could create a focal point for your whole garden. If a round does not suit your garden, we can create a square or random shape to seamlessly flow with the rest of your garden.

A great idea is to give your patio a unique benefit such as add another level or split into two for a lounging area and a dining area. Why don't you call us and let us know what designs you have in mind?

Stone Garden

For Specialist Paving
in Oldham

Call WJ Masonry & Restoration Ltd on: 07812 480984
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